oatmeal cookie s'more bars*

I don't think it is any secret that I like s'mores. I finally had my first official "over the campfire" s'more in over 10 years last year - meaning we made them over a fire in a fire pit in someones backyard. And you know when you crave something that you remember being SO good, and you eat it and it's not nearly as good as you remember?? That happened. I hate that. Like when I ate Corn Pops awhile ago. Not good. So sad.

ANYWAY, today I made these oatmeal cookie s'more bars for the students because I have been craving an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, and how can you go wrong with some toasty marshmallows in the mix? You can't. You just can't.

I really liked how these turned out, however I think I would have liked them more had I eaten one warm. With ice cream. I have a cake & ice cream, cookie & ice cream, brownie & ice cream, anything & ice cream addiction lately. And also I think I would add some cinnamon. Because, again no secret, I am obsessed with cinnamon. Other than that, these are tasty as can be.

Oatmeal Cookie S'more Bars