franky the frankenstein*

Happy Halloween! These cupcake toppers are so adorable and will add a little fun to any Halloween party or get together! I made these a couple of weeks ago for some of Landon's co-workers and girls (with some ghosts, too), as well as for our Halloween party at work today! I did the ones for work a little differently than the ones pictured, using black sanding sugar for Franky's hair instead of the spiked up frosting look. I loved both ways!

All you need to master these little fellas are:

White Dipping Chocolate (Candy Melts, Almond Bark, etc.)
Green Gel Food Coloring (MUST use gel. Regular food coloring makes the chocolate go all funky.)
Black Frosting (for the mouth and eyes)
Chocolate Frosting or Black Sanding Sugar (for the hair)
Lollipop Sticks

Melt the white dipping chocolate according to the directions. Add green food coloring until desired color. Dip the tip of a lollipop stick into the chocolate and place in the center of a marshmallow (the flat end, not the center of the round side). This will help hold the stick in place. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes so that the chocolate hardens.

Once hardened, take out of the freezer and dip the entire marshmallow into the green chocolate. If using sanding sugar, dip the flat end into the sugar so that it coats the whole end. It is OK if it goes onto the side. Place two M&M's near the top of the marshmallow, just under the sanding sugar. Let dry completely.

When dry, take the lollipop stick out of the marshmallow. Pipe on the mouth and eye balls with the black frosting. If using frosting for the hair, pipe on the frosting now. Spike up with a toothpick.

Easy as pie :). Except when you make 300 of them. Not my first suggestion, but they are definitely fun on a smaller scale. Enjoy!



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