cake pops/baby rattles*

Cake pops are the new fad. Do you want to know why? Because they are AMAZING - that's why! I don't know who thought up this brilliant creation, but they are my new favorite thing. And even better - they are SO easy to make! You can decorate them however you want, and the flavor creations are endless. I really want to make a carrot cake pop with cream cheese frosting and a white chocolate shell. That sounds like heaven! I think I just created a monster in myself...

These cake pops were made for my little sisters' baby shower. I have never made them before, so it was all a mystery as to whether or not they would turn out. I also didn't know how I would decorate them, because I didn't want them plain old chocolate. Then I got the idea of throwing on some polka dots and tying on a ribbon. I didn't realize until after I was done that they actually look just like a little upside down baby rattle! How fitting!

Cake Pops/Baby Rattles
as seen on Little Miss Momma (cake pops)

1 box Devil's Food Cake Mix
     *ingredients called for on the box
1/2 package milk chocolate frosting
Dark/Milk Chocolate Candy Melts
1 tsp. shortening
Gel Food Coloring (Michael's carries it. Do not use liquid.)
Candy Sticks (I used wooden ones that I found at a store called FunFinity)

Cook the cake mix according to directions. Let cool completely. When cool, put cake into a bowl and crumble the whole cake. Then add the milk chocolate frosting and mix in thoroughly.

Form the crumbled cake/frosting mixture into balls. Mine ended up being about the size of golf balls, but you can make them as big or little as you would like.

Melt your chocolate according to the directions. Add shortening so that the chocolate covers your cake balls evenly. Dip the end of your candy sticks in the chocolate, then stick that end into your cake ball. This will serve as a glue for your stick so that it doesn't come out of the cake ball when you coat it with chocolate.

Stick your cake pops in the fridge for about 5 minutes, or until the chocolate around the stick has hardened. I tried to dip some of them too early, and the stick comes right out and the cake pop falls apart. It is very important to make sure that the chocolate is completely hardened. Refrigerating also hardens your cake balls, so they are less likely to crumble apart while being coated with chocolate.

Take the cake pops out of the refrigerated and now it is time to dip! I dipped mine on an angle and then swirled it all the way around until the entire cake ball in coated. You can either set them down onto wax paper (like I did), or if you have styrofoam you can let them dry straight up. Lastly, decorate your little heart out with more melted chocolate and make these cake pops your own!

So easy! These little guys seriously taste so amazing! First you bite into the hardened chocolate to find a moist, melt in your mouth, perfect little cake ball! The combination of the chocolate shell and the cake ball are honestly the most brilliant combination ever! I WILL be making these for the rest of my life, and I'm looking forward to it :).



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