roasted asparagus

I will admit, I have never roasted a vegetable a day in my life until last week. Whenever I would think of a "roasted vegetable" I automatically would think it would be this big long process and I just didn't have time for that. Much to my surprise I couldn't be more wrong! It's so easy and takes literally only minutes to prepare for.

Today for lunch we had roasted asparagus. I don't really have an exact recipe, because again I cook for so many people I just kind of throw it together and that's that. So I will just kind of explain what I did and hopefully it makes sense to someone :)

First, I broke off the ends of the asparagus. The ends are super hard and you wouldn't want to eat it, so just take the asparagus and break the ends off. If you start to snap it they naturally break where they are suppose to.

Rinse off your asparagus and then put them in a bowl. You could probably do it on the cookie sheet you are going to bake on, too, but I did all my tossing in a bowl. Drizzle your asparagus with extra virgin olive oil - just enough to coat the asparagus. Next, add some chopped garlic. I did about 5 pound increments I would say, so for every 5 pounds I would say I added about 2-3 cloves of garlic. Then sprinkle some kosher salt and pepper and mix it all together. Then take a baking sheet lined with wax paper and pour your asparagus onto the baking sheet.

Put your asparagus into a 350 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes, or until your asparagus gets tender. And that's it! SO easy huh!! And it tastes AMAZING!! The most amazing part, we actually ran out because most of the kids ate it! Yes, KIDS ate it!!! WAHOO!

 happy cooking!


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