First off I just have to say - Landon took me to the Pizza Factory tonight for dinner, which I have been there a few times and the breadtwists w/ ranch are SO good, but tonight he introduced me to the Never on Sundae. Really - there are no words. I am positive it changed my life. He has known about this dessert for years, but he's not a big sweets fan (by not a big fan I mean I see him eat a dessert maybe twice a year), but he had it with his work a couple of weeks ago and forgot how AMAZING it was. For those of you that are like me and were obviously deprived as children, this little piece of heaven is a warm BIG chocolate chip cookie topped with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and drizzles of chocolate and caramel. I really don't know how to give it the justice it deserves, but really it is definitely a life changing experience.

Back to my smoothie (which by the way I can't think of a fun creative name, so if you have any ideas let me know). I invented this smoothie when I did biggest loser last year. I needed something that I could make and take on my way to work, but could also double as something I could have for dinner that could fill me up and also be something to take care of my sweet tooth. Now, it doesn't look like the most appetizing thing ever - I'll admit. But I'm not someone that will choke something down just because it's healthy, so I promise it really is good.

created by Alyssa Cundy

1 c no sugar added frozen mixed fruit
1/4 c lowfat vanilla yogurt
1/2 c orange juice (I did it with apple juice today and it was SO good!)
1 tsp splenda
1 cup spinach (yes, spinach. sounds disgusting, but I promise you can't taste it. I put more than a cup in mine)

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. I like mine with little chunks of fruit so I don't blend it all the way.

Now, you can use fresh fruit if you would like when they are in season, but even during the summer I still use frozen. The reason being because then I don't have to add ice. I also added some blueberries in the one in the picture because I had them on hand. I don't remember the exact calorie count when I figured it out a few months back, but I believe it is just over 200. Anyway-even though it looks scary I promise it is good! Don't forget to go out and get you a Never on Sundae too! I expect to hear about your experience!!



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