grilled caprese sandwich*

I cannot believe I have not put this recipe up yet. If you've ever had a caprese salad - this is the same, only it's a toasty melty sandwich. Sound amazing?? Well, it is. We made these a few weeks back for all the kiddos and they are my new favorite sandwich. I am actually in the process of looking for a panini press for my household so that I can make them for the husband. I don't have a panini press at work, but don't fret because we are very creative. I decided to take one of our big steam table pans, fill it with rice, and throw it on top of our sammies and BAM (I miss Emeril - haven't watched him in awhile), they get nice and smooshy and melty.

Grilled Caprese Sandwich
adapted from Alyssa's Two Bites (another fellow Alyssa. She must be cool :)

Take a french baguette and slice it in 4 inch long pieces, then cut the pieces in half, and drizzle with olive oil.  Top one of the halves with basil leaves, tomato slices (which I marinaded in some balsamic), and fresh mozzarella (fresh is the ONLY way to go).

Heat up a grill pan or panini press (you could use my rice idea :) until the crust is golden and the mozzarella just starts to melt.

That's it people. Seriously, my new favorite sandwich. And I don't like tomatoes. I would highly suggest the balsamic marinade because it just adds a yummy tangy "what is that?" taste. Now, back to ordering my panini press...



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