raspberry ice sparkler*

This punch is so easy and is always a hit! We have made this for several activities we have around campus (River Run Day Treatment open house, graduations, program completions, etc.).

Raspberry Ice Sparkler

First, start with some Raspberry Ice Crystal Light powder. You can make it for one with a Crystal Light to-go packet, or grab one of the 1.3 oz. powder packets (makes 2 quarts). Then, replace the water it calls for and add some yummy Sprite instead.

CAUTION: pour slowly.

CAUTION 2: when stirring - STIR SLOWLY!

Seriously, this beverage has a mind of it's own. I have made several messes on countless occasions because I just cannot seem to learn my lesson the first, second, or third time! Really, this would be a great science project for your kiddos because there is a serious chemical reaction that takes place!

Lastly, top with some yummy lemon slices (and it wouldn't hurt to squeeze a lemon or two into the mixture) and some fresh raspberries! TADAAH! Raspberry Ice Sparkler.




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