ice cream cake revisited*

Have I ever mentioned that I am a food addict??? I am. The first step is admitting I have a problem - and world I HAVE A PROBLEM!! Especially with ice cream. I will literally be watching TV at night with my husband and something funny will happen on a show and Landon will laugh and I'll look over and say "what"?? He is always so amazed at how I will be looking right at the TV but miss as much as I do when it comes to what is going on. The reason? Ice cream. I am thinking about ice cream. This is no lie nor exaggeration. The minute we are done eating dinner my brain goes on ice cream mode. It's a serious problem and if you have any sort of solution/idea of how to solve it please - don't hesitate to let me know.

Now on this note about ice cream, remember this cookies 'n cream ice cream cake?? We have improved on this recipe and now we make it all the time, and in about 20 minutes flat (if our chocolate cake is already baked and cooled that is). Remember the issue I had with the crust being hard as a rock and cracking? Well, I took the suggestion that someone gave me (who were you by the way?? I cannot think of who told me this for the life of me!!) to use cream cheese with the Oreos instead of butter. This was the best solution I could have never thought of! The crust was miraculously soft and SO AMAZINGLY YUMMY!

Here are some updated pictures of officially my new favorite cake as of now!

Easter ice cream cake anyone??? CUTE!

Volcano cake for my staff Jordan's birthday
(this cake actually has no cake - only ice cream and hot fudge!!)
*Notice the lack of cracking when it was cut into!!! WAHOO!

Jordan amazed by the volcano cake. you can probably see there is a piece of Oreo at the bottom. We lined the bottom of the ice cream cake with halves of Oreo's. An extra yummy surprise!

I beg and plead everyone to try this ice cream cake! With or without cake it is simply amazing! I am absolutely in love with our new Oreo crust and I am so thankful that someone told me about the cream cheese idea! Without it I probably wouldn't be making this cake on a weekly basis and loving it at the level that I do! So thank you and please everyone prepare this and enjoy!!



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